Classic California Roll – Crab, avocado & mayo with sesame or fish egg.

Dynamite Roll – Tempura prawn, cucumber and mayo.

Chicken Teriyaki Roll – Marinaded chicken teriyaki & cucumber.

Sunshine Roll – Avocado, cucumber, wakame topped with diced mango and spicy aioli

B.C. Roll – BBQ salmon skin with cucumber

Yam Roll – Crispy fried yam.

Supreme Yam Roll – Takuan, tempura yam, cream cheese, Sriracha and kabayaki sauce

Vegetarian Roll – Carrot, cucumber, avocado & mayo.

Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll – Spicy tuna, avocado & cucumber.

Ultimate Spicy Salmon Roll – Spicy salmon, avocado, and cucumber

Korean Kimchi Roll – Kimchi, tamago, avocado, cucumber, and carrot

Shitaki Maki – Marinated Shitaki mushrooms, avocado, cucumber

Fried Chicken Roll – Fried Chicken, cucumber, special sauce

Unagi Roll – BBQ eel, cucumber, BBQ sauce

Onion Ring Roll – Onion rings top with avocado finished with Sriracha and mayo